When to Prioritize Resistance and Aerobic Training to Fit Your Goals

Informative article and infographic from Ghergich & co who have teamed up with Health Perch to create an article and illustrated workout with infographic on when to prioritise resistance training and aerobic training to achieve a our individual goals. The article demonstrates that if we are short of time and want to get in a quick workout then we can priorities the form of exercise we use - resistance or aerobic -  based on our goals.

11 'Best ' Ways to Lose Weight, According to Science

The following is a useful and informative article from Jen Miller who contacted me about an article she had written on the 'best' ways to lose weight, according to science with tips and advice along with easy to make tasty weight loss recipes. The full article can be found here.

The following are the 11 tips and advice from the blog kindly written and provided by Jen. Thank you Jen.



I recently came across a new and innovative range of bite size, grab and go healthy snacks from Bite UK under the Kintaro Brand ( that are gluten free, dairy free and vegan friendly. These great tasting and nutritious pouch snacks are high in protein and low in calories and fat.

Bite UK kindly sent me some samples to try. The service was extremely professional and punctual and arrived within 2 days. The branding of the products is eye-catching and looks really cool and grabs your attention.

Crushed - 100% Fast Fruit Snack

Matt Swaz Fitness recently approached the team at Crushed ( about snding me some of their 100% 'Fast Fruit Snacks' for me try. The 2 flavours that I received were:

- Apple & Strawberry (69 calories)

- Apple & Banana (81 calories)

The service and efficiency provided by Crush was fantatsic, as the products arrived within 2 days of ordering, very promt and punctual.



Making our own Muesli is a healthy and nutritious way to start the day.

Thanks to HI-PRO ( for challenging me to devise a nutritious recipe with their new high-protein Peanut Butter which is great tasting.

The following are the ingredients and methods we used:

Get Toned for Summer

The following is a concise and informative Infographic on ways to get toned for summer from ( written by Andrea Metcale which explains some simple tips and tricks you can incorporate into your daily routine to help get you beach body ready just in time for summer!


2 Minute Exercise Challenge: Wide Squat Jumps and Side Split Jumps


- 1 minute of wide-leg squat jumps with knee touches

Followed by

- 1 minute of alternating side split leg jumps

Great whole body workout. Only takes 2 minutes, does not need much room and no equipment. Stretch too.


4 different spa treatments

The following is a guest-blog post from Nick Stokes from Uptown Spa & Massage Toronto (, which is a modern spa in Toronto, Canada. It is an interesting and beneficial read.

High 5,


Fitness Food: Sweet Chilli Chicken

Sweet Chilli Chicken with Avocado, Lettuce, Spinach, Cucumber, Feta Cheese
High 5,


Recipe from BBC Good Food for Fish Pie including Cod, Haddock, Egg, Leek, Horseradish Cream, Coconut Oil and Almond Milk. Tasty, filling and nutritious.

Could reduce the calories further by reducing the amount of cream and using low fat coconut oil.

High 5,



"Matt made the sessions fun but also intense and always focused on our goals to encourage us. If anybody wants to get fit or improve their figure I would 100% encourage Matt's services."
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