Get Toned for Summer

The following is a concise and informative Infographic on ways to get toned for summer from ( written by Andrea Metcale which explains some simple tips and tricks you can incorporate into your daily routine to help get you beach body ready just in time for summer!


“Can you believe that summer is right around the corner? The weather is starting to warm up, and holiday getaways are going from distant dreams to quickly approaching realities. During the colder months, many of us are guilty of becoming a little more slack on our workout regiments, but as beach season creeps closer it’s time to get back in motion!

From proper walking form to choosing a lean protein, has created a guide to help you look sunsational this summer! Whether you’re looking to bathe in the sun, or surf the waves, this fully illustrated guide will help you go from winter drab, to summer fab! Be the best version of yourself and get ready to be toned for summer!”


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"After cancelling my gym membership and instead training with Matt I have changed to a more nutritious diet, which I am feeling healthier from and my body is changing shape to a more toned physique."