Inspiring exercise moment - Power Walk

For me being a Personal Trainer is the greatest 'job' in world. It does not feel like 'work'. Getting paid for something I genuinely enjoy doing - exercise and fitness is my hobby - and crucially making a difference to people's lives. It is a great feeling knowing I am helping, supporting and inspiring clients to change their lives and to live more active and healthy lifestyles.

Yesterday – as always – was a busy and action packed day. Lots of cycling, running, power walking and circuits including press ups, lunging and squats. Living life in the active lane.

Rest to Progress

From my experience of working with clients, in order to help you achieve your health and fitness goals, the 3 key areas to focus on are training, nutrition and rest/recovery. However, a crucial component that people often overlook is rest/recovery. Rest days should form a vital part of your training programme. People often assume (wrongly) that you get stronger and fitter whilst training, for instance in the gym or going running.


"Matt is an extremely inspirational personal trainer, he’s always motivated, dedicated, supportive and up for the challenge"
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