What is Starvation Mode?

What is Starvation Mode?
How to Avoid Starvation Mode

2 Informative, beneficial and concise infographics from Dr Axe which discuss and analyse 'starvation mode' and the impact that chronic dieting and excessive exercise can have on our bodies and what we can do to avoid starvation mode.

The first infographic shows that when we enter 'starvation mode' by not consuming enough calories that our bodies need, this actually slows down our metabolism and "triggers feelings of fatigue, anxiety, depression, isolation and a preoccupation with eating" and therefore shows some of the health, mental and psychological dangers of entering 'starvation mode'.

Crucially the infographic also suggests that we have a 'set-point' and a "natural weight range that the body strongly trirs to stay within by regulating metabolism and hunger levels".

The second infographic also usefully and concisely discusses how to avoid Starvation Mode and how we can support a healthy metabolism by:

1) Not cutting Calories too Low - eating sufficient calories to support our metabolism.

2) Avoiding Bingeing or overeating by eating regularly - eating sufficient calories to support our basic bodily functions e.g. Heart beat, brain function and to avoid urges to binge or overeat. 

3) Resting and Avoiding Overtraining - not increasing our energy expenditure by exercising more whilst reducing our calorie consumption.

4) Aiming for Progress, Not Perfection - 

The full, detailed and informative article and infographics on 'Starvation Mode' from Dr Axe can be viewed here.

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