Staying Fit & Healthy Over the Christmas Period

Staying fit and healthy over the Christmas period is something that most people wouldn’t even dream of, with turkey, chocolate and drink being enough to convince most to stay cooped up over Christmas. Although, for those who don’t want to lose their progression, or just simply stay active over the festive period, we have a few tips that can help to keep you motivated to stay on the road to reaching your goals. 

 Change up the Workouts

When working out, it can be easy to get into habits. Although they may enjoy the workouts and exercises they do, overtime, the novelty of the same workout wears off. Having a new workout to focus on when the cold weather kicks in helps to keep you motivated, as you have new challenges and goals to reach. Studies show that one-in-four avoid physical activity at all costs, with one reason being that they are limiting themselves to simplistic, boring workouts.

Doing the same workout over time can easily become boring, which is why it is important to change things up to stay motivated and achieve consistent progression, especially in times when going for a run or to the gym is one of the toughest things to do. 

If you need inspiration when looking for a new workout to try, a lot of people head to social media to help them keep fit, as they are able to get hundreds of workout ideas on the go from professionals and other fitness fanatics alike.

 Plan Healthy, Yet Festive Meals

When it comes to Christmas, it is the norm to not think about much more than eating and chilling out, but it is possible to indulge in the mince pies and stuffing without jeopardising your progression. Setting out a meal plan before the festive period commences is a way to know what you’re eating, and how it will affect your progression. 

Keeping a meal plan over Christmas doesn’t necessarily mean being as strict as usual, as you should always allow time to eat and do what you want, but many people go overboard when it comes to the unhealthy foods, which doesn’t have to be the case. Knowing what  you’re fuelling yourself with helps you to eat what you want, whilst knowing if it will affect your training, which then helps you to plan further training to make up for it all. 

If you’re not too sure where to start with a meal or nutrition plan, there are now reputable Personal Trainers who offer nutritional help and advice. These professionals are able to help provide things from plans to help you lose weight, to plans helping you to meeting specific training goals. 

 Make the Most of the Quiet Mornings

One thing that a lot of industry professionals suggest is fittingin extra sessions in the morning, or simply changing your after work gym session for a morning one. This is because the cold mornings and dark weather mean the majority of gyms see lower attendance in the morning over the winter period. Having a quiet gym to work out in is something that a lot of people can use to their advantage, as there you’re less likely to have to wait to use machines and benches, as well as there being less noise and distractions to put you off.

Along with gyms being quieter in the mornings, motivating yourself to get up and active early on helps to start your day off on the right note and also frees up time in the evenings. With the short days, many people would rather head straight home than to the gym after work, so fitting in a workout in the mornings is a popular option for those who are dedicated. 


Christmas time is the perfect chance to add in some quality recovery time, especially over Christmas day and Boxing Day. Some people who look train over Christmas choose to plan their workouts to best fit their festive routines, as they have spare time to work out and family and friends to see. 

One way that many people keep fit is by training well on Christmas Eve and the days before they are busy, as this makes up for the relaxed eating and inactivity over the next couple of days. Using Christmas Day and other days off to recover is a quality opportunity to reboot for the days of training ahead. Using your clever planning, you can then add in extra calories and indulge in the festivities without feeling bad about it. 

 Overall, staying fit over the festive season is something that a lot of people find difficult, even though it is as easy as any other time of year. If you’re struggling to stay fit over the festive season, there are various things you can try to stay motivated, but we find that a bit of clever planning and the willingness to change workouts is the best way to keep up the progression. 

 For more tips, news and expert advice on training, nutrition, Personal Training and the fitness industry, head to the Focus Training blogFocus Training are a provider of Active IQ & REPs accredited fitness qualifications.


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