Press up with leg raised

This image shows me doing press ups whilst having one of my legs raised. This is a great progession from a 'normal' press up. This type of press up provides a fantastic workout for the arms, shoulders and chest and also for the core muscles (especially front abdominals and lower back). Raising one leg whilst performing press ups challenges your core muscles to stabilise your body and provides a good workout for your Cardiovascular System. It also helps to develop your co-ordination and balance. As a starter aim to do 4-6 reps with either leg raised. The image is only for illustrative purposes and obviously does not show the full sequence of the move. So please do not hesitate to get in touch should you require any help and advice.

Also, see the following article from that provides good tips on ways to become more active and less sedentary:,,20534367_1,00.html


Keep up the great work


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