Key mistakes to avoid when planning for Pilates workout session

Joining Pilates workout might be the best decision you have ever taken. This form of exercise is crazy popular, and it works very well to strengthen the core and improve flexibility. However, the truth is Pilates is not easy. But as they say, there is no pain, without gain. 

Before you step on to the Pilates machine, also known as the Megaformer, few key rookie mistakes absolutely must avoid. For the best Pilates experience, sign up now at Tensegrity Pilates Courses Melbourne.

So, now that you are about the start your classes, here are a few things that you must always keep in mind,

Show up on time

Showing up fashionably late might go well with the party scene but not with Pilates. If you are going for your first ever class, you must arrive before time. This is due to the fact that you would have never seen a machine like the Megaformer and you need to listen carefully to your instructor to be able to handle it. Also, if you are a few minutes early, it will help you to calm your nerves before getting on to the workout phase. 

Don't show up to class empty-handed

You need to invest in a pair of gripped socks and gloves. Grips with the tiny rubber dots are extremely useful for Pilates workout. Additionally, you need to remember to keep yourself hydrated as well, so it is essential that you carry your personal bottle of water.

Don’t race through the workouts

As the experts say, Pilates is a slow-burning exercise. The entire point of the exercise is to go slow so that you remain in complete control of your muscles. It is all about burning the fat and replacing it with long and lean muscles.

You need to be aware that you will be experiencing frequent twitching of your overworked muscles when you perform Pilates. It can be your worst enemy, but it's a sign that your body is developing to the next stage of a stronger and super toned look.

Don’t get frustrated

You cannot know everything in your first Pilates class nor can you expect to have a toned physique within the first few months. To be honest, it will take a long time for you to get a hand on the exercise and observe results.

Most of the moves are likely to be new, and you might feel lost when your instructions are to "catfish" or when you cannot figure out a plank. Don't worry; you will soon get the hang of it.

Don’t skip workouts

You need to be consistent with the workout sessions. As it was stated earlier, you cannot expect great results at the drop of a hat with any exercise and more so with Pilates.  You need to find a regular schedule and work along while sticking to it.

Start with twice a week regimen and then work up all the way from there. But you should never miss more than one class per week. This is the only way to get great results.

Practice these key tips to make your Pilates experience easy and highly beneficial one.

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