Healthy Breakfast Ideas You Can Make Ahead

Healthy Breakfast Ideas You Can Make Ahead

Positive Health Wellness have produced a definitive guide via an infographic with images of 7 'healthy' ideas for breakfast that we can make ahead to save time and ensure we make good nutritional choices. This infographic was written by Karen Reed. The 7 breakfast ideas are: 

- Granola Muffins

- Huevos Rancheros Jars

- Apple Pie Waffle Bites

- Java Smoothie Cups

- Almond Joy Chia Pudding

- Muesli with Cherries

- 'Lox on a Bagel' Salad

Thank you to Kelly Palmer for providing this article and infographics.

Please click on the infographic image to enlarge it and see 7 recipe ideas with images that we can make ahead

From experience starting the day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast is a great way to start the day and to get energised for the day ahead. Making our meals in advance and eating breakfast helps us to make better nutritional choices throughout the day.

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