Health Benefits of Wine Everybody Should Know

The health benefits of wine does not stop at just minimizing the chances of stroke, immunity boosting, cancer prevention, etc. There are more beneficial than you can fathom at present. And you can enjoy them all if only you practice drinking wine moderately. Drinking moderately simply means to know where to stop and recognize your limits. If you drink more, you would invite in more trouble instead of embracing health benefits. Hence try limiting your pour size to 5 ounces of wine a day for women, and for men let it be twice of it, but not more than that. With this, daily or frequent drinking of wine every day after dinner or with a meal, or just before bed, can prove to be highly beneficial for health.

Lower your cholesterol levels with wine

This is important for those who already have high cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and also important for those who have this problem running in the family, making them prone to develop the problem in the future. The credit goes to the procyanidins in red wine, which helps keep the heart healthy as well as lowers levels of cholesterol in the body. Resveratrol is another component in wine which reduces the level of LDL cholesterol which is the bad cholesterol responsible for major heart and arterial problems.

Blood pressure check

Sipping medicinal red wine daily, a little amount at bedtime, or at a particular time of the day, just like a therapeutic use, would help you lower your blood pressure. If you have a problem of high blood pressure, then together with your regular pressure, medicines, exercises, and a balanced diet, you also may practice this. This will help you check the blood pressure, and if you are at risk of developing blood pressure, then also you may get it later or never when you practice this.

Recover from type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes brings in restrictions in enjoying many of the food and drinks you love. You have to be extra alert to make healthy choices and avoid extra calories in the form of sweets, oils, butter and so much. But wine can really be a great help here. There is a component in wine called resveratrol. This one has been clinically proven to improve insulin sensitivity in the body. Therefore, the body's insulin resistance decreases with time when you sip limited quantity of wine daily, and the chances of type 2 diabetes get reduced and also if you already are in this condition then you recover from it with time.

It saves the brain cells and thus helps with cognitive functioning

This may initially sound strange and funny to you, but it is true that a glass of wine really helps you keep your brain cells at good health and waive off much old age memory and brain function degenerative diseases. In general, you know that after a few glasses of any liquor you get tipsy, and the same would result with wine too if you consume a lot. But this is not about getting tipsy or consuming a lot. This is about methodically drinking just one pour size of wine daily, which can quite impressively save your cognitive ability from degenerating with age. How does this happen?

Well, it happens in this way that, the chemicals in red wine protects the brain cells, and does not let them die prematurely, which usually happens slowly and gradually after an age. As because in normal conditions brain cells die and degenerate with age, many old people develop a problem of memory loss which is also called dementia. Other problems associated with cognitive loss are Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. But all of these conditions can be kept at bay for long, and may never attack you too if you practice drinking just one glass of red wine daily. You may choose one of the best wines for this by studying wine rating from credible sources.

Live longer with wine

Once again it’s the magic of resveratrol in wine which helps in increasing life's quality and longevity too. If you live healthy and happy, naturally you would live longer. And this really happens with people practicing moderate drinking of medicinal wine or red wine. There is a protein in resveratrol, which is an anti-aging formula. This anti-aging thing works all over the body and all body cells, thereby reducing chances of premature aging, and also increasing overall life’s longevity.


Hence the concluding note is that you can proudly, delightedly and methodically, make red wine or even white wine a part of your daily diet. Simply consume one glass of wine by keeping the pour size to 5 ounce or maximum 10 ounces per day, and enjoy the beautiful health benefits of wine. You should pick good quality wine to be extra sure that the alcohol percentage in it is just right for you while all other chemical components which are beneficial in wine also reaches you in the correct doses.

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