The future of the fitness industry is specialist

I was pleased to be approached by Sree Subramaniam of Traffic Jam Media with regard to contributing to an article and providing expert opinion on the need for specialist fitness qualifications for PTs. 

With the number of UK fitness members exceeding 9 million, there being a 5.3% rise in total memberships, and the total market value for the industry being estimated at around £4.4 billion (source: 2016 State of the UK Fitness Industry report), the fitness industry has become more demanding than ever.

Therefore, from experience as a PT to meet the demands of clients, set yourself out from the competition and to provide them with an expert service, it is crucial to specialise in and have expert knowledge in different areas and qualifications. This could include:

- Outdoor Training

- Pilates

- Yoga

- Kettlebells

- Callisthenics 

- Injury Rehabilitation 

- Online Training

- Sports Conditioning

Therefore, Grant Harrison of Ashbourne Membership Management has written an informative, detailed and thought-provoking article on why the future of the fitness industry is being a specialist and why Personal Trainers and fitness instructors need more than just the standard qualifications.

The full article can be viewed by clicking here.

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