Chiropractic treatment will make you forget the pain and help to lead a normal life

Chiropractic treatment is unique in that the chiropractors use their hands only as the tools for treatment. Never will they use any equipment or device as part of the treatment except for diagnosing the problem that might require some tests like imaging and blood tests. The tests are important to understand the condition of the patient in totality and then corroborate the findings with the medical history of the patient. This helps them to have a complete understanding of the body structure and accompanying problems besides the problem for which the patient has come for consultation. The method of diagnosis and treatment are the same for chiropractors across the world with some treatment facilities like the Active Edge Chiropractic in Columbus Ohio adapting the latest treatment methods. Regardless of the methods adopted, chiropractic manipulation remains the focal point in the treatment. 

What is chiropractic manipulation?

Hands-on therapy would be the most appropriate description of chiropractic treatment that derives its name from two Greek words ‘cheir’ meaning hands and ‘praxis’ meaning practice. A qualified chiropractor will use his or her hands to apply controlled pressure on the spine and other body parts. The goal of the chiropractor is to reset or realign the spine or the body part that has deformed due to excessive stress from injury, disease, bad posture or undertaking some stressful movements. The objective of chiropractic manipulation is to provide pain relief first and then eliminate pain completely to improve the mechanical function of the affected body part.

Migraines and tension headaches

Many people suffer from migraine and tension headaches which might be occasional or persistent in nature and can even become unbearable at times. The pain can be dull and nagging, and chronic pain can lead to debilitating conditions due to its severity often accompanied by nausea. Chiropractic treatment has proved very effective in treating such pain that manifests around the neck by using the technique of spinal adjustments.  Studies show that patients suffering from migraines experienced considerable relief after undergoing chiropractic treatment that addresses the issues of tension in the neck muscles which causes the pain.

Stress and anxiety

We are living in a stressful environment where we have to encounter various kinds of stress arising from the environment and extending up to various forms of physical stress that affects the body and mind adversely. Poor nutrition, lack of sleep, organ malfunction and many other problems arise from excessive stress that takes its toll on the body. Long term stress can even cripple a person who might have to remain confined to the bed for the rest of their life.

Chiropractors help in relaxing the muscles that are under stress by restoring the alignment of the distorted spine. As the musculoskeletal system regains its balance, the pain subsides and then goes away. 


The body joints and muscles become stiff with age as we lose our natural reflexes and the ability to move around quickly. Decreasing flexibility and reduction in the range of movements can gradually render a person completely disable. 

Chiropractic treatment brings hope to such people by improving both motion and flexibility.


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