Calories Burned Per Hour Based on Intensity

Calories Burned Per Hour Based on Intensity

Informative, detailed and thought-provoking infographic from which compares the calories burned across 3 levels of intensity (slow, moderate, intense) for 6 different exercise activities:

- Running

- Cycling

- Swimming

- Aerobics

- Yoga

- Walking

The infographic shows that for all 3 levels of exercise intensity that running burns the most calories followed by cycling and swimming.

Usefully, the infographic also shows a range of activities from shovelling snow to dancing to gardening and the number of minutes of activity required to burn 150 calories. According to the infographic, stair walking and snow shovelling require the least time to burn 150 calories as they take 15 minutes. Conversely, washing windows and washing a car require the most time to burn 150 calories as they take 45-60 minutes.

However, regardless of how long it takes to burn 150 calories, all of the activities listed should be encouraged and provide many health benefits e.g. Toning muscles, raising heart rate, feel good feelings etc.

The link on also has a useful calories burned calculator that allows us to estimate how many calories are burned while doing various exercises and physical activities by using our body weight and the duration we perform an exercise and activity. This can be used by clicking here.

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