5 Resistance Band Exercises That Burn Fat and Build Muscle

5 Resistance Band Exercises

Positive Health Wellness have produced a definitive guide via an infographic with images of 5 exercises that we can do using a resistance band that can help us to build muscle and burn calories. This infographic was written by Karen Reed. The 5 exercises are: 

- Standing Oblique Crunch

- Standing Pec Fly

- Squat and Twist

- Standing Running Man

- Abduction and Adduction

Thank you to Kelly Palmer for providing this article and infographics.

Please click on the infographic image to enlarge it and see 5 exercises with images that we can do using a resistance band.

From experience of training with my PT clients and personally too, resistance bands are a great piece of exercise equipment. They are functional and portable so can be used anywhere and they provide a challenging and varied whole-body Workout.

High 5,


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"So what happened with regards to my goal since training with Matt? Well I am now much fitter and I have dropped a dress size. Result."