The 3-Legged Stool of Health

The 3-Legged Stool of Health

There are 3 key, inter-linked elements to living a healthy, happy and balanced life. These are 

- Exercise

- Nutrition

- Sleep/Rest

If any of these 3 elements are missing or not 'working' properly then we lose balance. Degree Search have produced this detailed, concise and informative infographic which has tips and advice on how to maintain balance in our lives and how we can exercise better, eat better and sleep better.


- Build exercise into our daily routines 

- Do exercises that we enjoy and find fun

- Aim to get active with family and friends

- Mix up our exercise with both cardio and strength training

- Join a sport team


- Eat a well-balanced diet

- Reduce consumption of sweets and chocolates 

- Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables

- Aim to eat and drink 'well' 80% of the time

- Drink plenty of water at regular intervals during the day


- Aim to sleep 7-8 hours per night

- Get into a routine for rest and recovery

- Try to stay away from electronic devices 30 minutes before bed e.g. TV, Phones, iPads etc

- Try not to eat and drink too close to going to bed

High 5,


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"I am now much fitter and stronger and my body shape has changed signifiacntly for the better. I am far more toned and even the bingo wings have disappeared and have been replaced with nicely toned arms. "