10 Ways to Drop a Pound in a Week

10 Ways to Drop a Pound in a Week

Informative and useful infographic from Picklee which gives us 10 activities that we can do to get active, burn calories, help lose weight and have fun too.

To lose a pound in weight, we need to burn off 3,500 calories, which is achievable with a few lifestyle changes. As the infographic shows, performing any of the 10 exercise activities in the suggested time will burn off at least 500 calories per session.

Therefore, if we perform one of these activies each day over a week (7 activities in a week) we will burn off approximately 3,500 calories in a week, tone up, have fun and should lose weight (obviously this depends on us not compensating for the exercise by eating extra cake!!).

The infographic suggests that to burn off 500 calories we can for instance:

- Cycle for 60 minutes

- Swim for 45 minutes

- Play Tennis for 90 minutes

- Skip for 40 minutes

The activities on the infographic look fun and we can get the whole family involved too. For instance, go swimming with the family, get out for a family walk or bike ride or play hula hoop or skip.

Increasing our day-to-day baseline activity is a great way for us to increase our energy expenditure and thus burn off calories and help to reduce our body weight. We can cycle to work, walk to the shops, run around with our family in the park etc.

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